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Treatment sometimes leads to remission.

At the onset of the disease, gingival changes may be the only clinical symptom. Edema develops, cyanosis of cialis pills, looseness of the gingival papillae appears, periodontal pockets form, from which granulations often swell, there is a putrefactive or hemorrhagic discharge. Mobility of teeth appears early.

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Crater- and funnel-shaped destruction of the bone tissue surrounding the teeth. Changes are localized in the alveolar process and never pass to the underlying parts of the jaw body.

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Dif. diagnosis: purulent discharge from periodontal pockets, bulging granulations, characteristic radiological signs. Blood picture: at the beginning of the disease, changes are difficult to detect, normo-, hypo- or hyperglycemia may be observed. Diagnostic value has a study of glucose tolerance. With a sugar load, an elevated blood glucose level Dyskeratosis, in the form of alternating areas of hyperkeratosis and increased desquamation of the epidermis to erosive surfaces, affects the palms, soles, and sometimes the area of ​​the knee and elbow joints. The disease is sometimes accompanied by osteoporosis, atrophy and osteolysis of the phalanges, subluxation of the interphalangeal joints, deforming arthrosis.

In other bones of the skeleton - osteolysis, deforming arthrosis.

Tadalafil picture: destruction of bone tissue according to the type of vertical atrophy. The pathological process is localized in the alveolar process. There are no changes in the edentulous jaw. After the eruption of permanent teeth, the disease recurs and stops only after the loss of all teeth. Dif. diagnostics: palmar-plantar dyskeratosis, deforming arthrosis. A variant of cialis pills with lesions only of the periodontium is desmodontosis.

The prognosis for life is favorable. With regard to periodontal treatment - unfavorable, therapy is ineffective. In pathogenesis - a violation of the mineralization of bone tissue, due to reduced activity of enzymes (alkaline phosphatase, phosphonoesterase). Dystrophic changes in the bones are similar to changes in rickets. Children are short and have curved limbs. With a pronounced degree of the disease, the bones of the jaw and the alveolar process suffer. Erupted milk teeth even before the formation of the roots begin to loosen and fall out, permanent teeth erupt early in an abnormal position. On examination, localized or generalized periodontitis is diagnosed.

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On the radiograph - brokenno calcification of the jaw bones, destructive processes in the alveolar process. Decreased mineralization of the metaphyses of long tubular bones. In the blood - a low level of alkaline phosphatase activity, hypercalcemia, phosphorus content within the normal range.

Increased urinary excretion of phosphoethanolamine. In pathogenesis - a decrease in the reabsorption of phosphates in the renal tubules. It is manifested by a violation of mineral metabolism and is often diagnosed in the second year of life as rickets on the basis of clinical signs - short stature, curvature of the legs. In the oral cavity - gingivitis quickly turns into periodontitis, recently erupted incisors loosen and fall out.

Tadalafil - characterized by a coarse fibrous structure of the spongy bone. Blood picture: increased level of alkaline phosphatase with calcium content within the normal range.

Make a presumptive diagnosis. Conduct an examination of the child.

The child is 14 years old. In the oral cavity - generalized atrophy of the gingival margin, the roots of the cervical part of all teeth of the upper and lower jaws are exposed. Despite the pronounced dystrophic process in the bone, deep periodontal pockets and mobile teeth, the gum has a pale color, inflammation is practically absent. Blood test: the number of neutrophils 3.8 * 10 9 / l, eosinophils - 0, polymorphonuclear leukocytes - 0, segmented leukocytes - 0, monocytes - 42%, lymphocytes - 43%.

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Necks of all teeth are exposed. Dental caries is minimal. On the radiograph - uniform atrophy of the alveolar process. There is a clear line of atrophy. Apical periodontitis is absent.